·         Valencia – Sagunto (Xurra Green Day)
·         Sagunto - Valencia (Vía Augusta)
Type of route: Circular Route.
Total Distance:  80km (round way)
Day 1: Valencia-Sagunto
Type of ground: Bike lane and secondary roads.
Difficulty: Low.
Spots of Interest (first day): Valencian greenfields, old Customs houses by the railway, Alboraia’s railway halt, Carraixet’s ravine, Moro’s Bridge, Barraques’ Mill, the Walls of the Botannical Garden of Puzol, Talaia Tower (Puzol), Roman Circus of Sagunt, amphitheatre of Sagunt, and Sagunt’s Castle.
Valencian county L’Horta Nord is crossed by two railways: the one of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV), which ends up at Rafelbunyol, an RENFE’s towards Barcelona. But there used to be a third railway: Central de Aragón’s one, today dismantled, which crossed this county following a straight way. A Green Way rescues part of this way among oranges tres.
The arrival at Sagunt is through this Green Way. There is mínimum effort to cycle this route, which will enable us to discover the Roman patrimony of this town or even walk up to castle.

Day 2: Sagunto- Valencia
Type of route: Straigt:
Type of ground: Secondary roads and bike lane.
Difficulty: Low.
Spots of Interest (Second Day): Carraixet’s ravine, Moro’s Bridge, Monastery of El Puig, Enesa’s Castle, La Patà’s trenches.
Vía Augusta is an ancient Roman way which would link Cádiz to Rome. Following the white and blue signs which cut through L’Horta Sud large orange tree fields. Halfway we can find the El Puig town, where there is the Monastery with the same name, and, after a brief way up, the interesting mountain “La Patà”

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